Changeover MCB Switch

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Changeover MCB Switch

Changeover MCB Switch is a manually operated changeover switch which finds its application in switching load between two power supplies. The changeover switch comes in 2P and 4P versions, for single and three phase application respectively. It has three positions (I-O-II) with center-off.

Compact design

Double break contacts

Shrouded terminals

Can be mounted with other products like MCB, RCCB, Isolator in Distribution Board

Front operation with three positions I-O-II mid position OFF

Quality Tests

To meet international standards, we perform various types of tests on our wires. These tests include cable fault detection, cable compliance testing, cable heat shock testing, etc. We aim to maintain our position as one of the reliable aluminium cable suppliers in India. Hence, the quality of the product is of utmost importance for us.

Product Specification:

  • No.Of Poles 4 Pole
  • Voltage 240/415V
  • Rated Current 40A to 100A
  • Model Name/Number ELCON - Mr.SAfety Range
  • Rated Voltage 240/415V
  • Usage/Application Industrial